Saint Ambrose

Saint Ambrose
Photo: Journey Worker Productions, CC SA 3.0 (C)

Thursday, 14 May 2015

update on how it is going #3

There are two fine flowering fat hen plants I am waiting to go to seed. Here´s one - it is about 5ft tall:

 And in some of the pots all sorts of things are starting to pop up - including more fat hen, and also (to my delight) nettles! Nettle soup in winter!

 And lili-pilis have started to flower, and are concentrated enough to make a purfume corridor in the entrance to the building...

Saturday, 9 May 2015

update on how it is going # 2

More detail on how my garden is going thanks to all this rain. The leeks I put in a few weeks ago seem to be thriving. These are little ones crammed in a corner of a water tank:

These ones have sun and are healthier (the left one is about 1 foot high, and will go with the pumpkin aforementioned of the last post at some point):

And a rogue potato seems to have emerged from somewhere unexpectedly:

And some of the many broadbeans I put in have actually sprung up:

As the picture above shows, the (donated) basil and the (rogue arrival) parsley have also returned to health with the rain.

Here are four pots of growing broad beans.

In the next post, I will do a weed-check where it gets really quite curious.

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

update on how it is going #1

After not doing very much for the last few weeks, I thought I show you an update.

Apart from clearing some pots a while ago, everything is pretty much in place. I have planted some broad beans, but that is about all.

I am quite pleased. But part of this is just the return of the rain. Here are two nearby rainfall tallies - one for Essendon airport, the other for Melbourne Olympic park. My rainfall is somewhere between these - it gets the highs of the inner city concrete effect, but the north-north-west showers that olympic park doesnt get. So it is wetter than either of these.

Here is Olympic park - the main observatory of melbourne and rather close to my house (I am inner north, it is inner southeast, Essendon is a bit out to the north west).

Essendon airport -

For example, where it was 10.4mm in Essendon on April 26th (the right-most column is April, the left-most is January, the days down the list are days of the month), it was about 11.5 here on the day.

Ok, so it has been wet here. The pumpkin and lebanese zucchinis are still growing:

The other side of it looks like this - it has grown from the front around in a circle, and is now coming out to the pavement on the left side (you can see the zucchini foliage on the left upper side is young and green compared to the more tired foliage at the bottom of the picture and where the yellow flower is).

The thing about this is that once it starts growing, it just grows. I water it about every 3-4 days when it is not raining, and have pretty much stopped otherwise. (Although I did scoop up a puddle on the concrete and deposit it on the 26th).

And this is the other Leb. zucchini plant. It too has resumed flowering once I set it to grow up the side of the plant-table, which is at the front of the picture. You can just see the suggestion of a yellow flower...

Which is this one - I pollinated it this morning. Hopefully I will get a last zucchini before the day or two of frost kills the plant...

And there is also a treasure ready to go on the other one...buried in the foliage...

Its another pumpkin. I have a last lot of Celeriac soup from some baby cricket-ball sized celeriacs I bought about two weeks ago, and made into a celeriac, leek and potato soup. Once that is done, the next soup is the pumpkin.

It has been down there for ages, but I had other things to make soups out of, so I thought Id leave it till I could use it. The pumpkin plant as the fridge for pumpkins where they dont rot out. If you cannot discern it in the picture, it is visible in the three whitey-cream broken up stripes - if you make a line out from my wedding ring finger and my index finger, the three plane stripes of it are visible running vertically. It is only part of it, it is a good soccer-ball size.

Ok, more on the Garden report later.

Sunday, 3 May 2015

last haul of lebanese zucchinis

After a recent business trip to here -

 (A certain dicens-de-se global city)

...where I was looking in a specialist library of a medieval religious order, I came home to discover that the two remaining zucchinis were fit for harvesting. So the result:

(Lebanese zucchinis on the cutting board of universal-measurement; top left is teapot)

Two fine ones. The smaller one is already tonights soup..