Saint Ambrose

Saint Ambrose
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Friday, 16 January 2015

Ripening Amish paste tomatoes

Today I noticed that there is quite a colour change of the tomatoes toward red. These tomatoes reached this size in early December and it is now mid January, so this ripening phase has lasted quite a while, far longer than I'd anticipated. The strange weather we've been having doesn't help.

Its making me a bit impatient!

For comparison, here's a newer tomato that isnt ripe at all. Like all the ones below, it is about 2 inches or so in radius (not a large tomato but also not a midget) :

Ok and here are the ripening ones. I am surprised how slowly these are ripening. The small yellow cherry tomatoes seem to ripen in a week. This is taking in the order of a month or two! Frustrating!

Here's some ripening ones -

This is the oldest tomato of these plants. Here is another one:

The oldest tomato of this plant is under the leaf. You can see it is markedly orange compared to the others, especially the lower one, that is green and not ripe at all. Here it is close up -

Its still hidden down there, but slowly coming to fruition (in this case, literally).

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