Saint Ambrose

Saint Ambrose
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Sunday, 10 January 2016

translucent mushroom!

I lost about 40% of the garden over the break, while I was away for 12 days. The heatwaves just killed much of the small pots. My plan was to do a comparison with November, but the seasonal difference makes that a bit pointless. So I am moving on from there, and just showing it how it is now.

The garden is slowly growing back though, which is quite pleasing.

Here is a strange translucent toadstool I found in the garden this morning, surrounded by very small daikons. I wonder if it isn't the fruiting body of grey-rot fungus that infects daikons, because the mulch is just a load of old daikon-straw I dumped on the ground (some of which you can make out - it looks like straw!). If anyone has any idea, let me know!

Here's another picture -

Here's a neglected pot of mustard (the yellow flowers in the black pot), a curcurbit of some kind (mid lower, large green leaves), some mallow (low left, smaller leaves), a degenerating daikon (top of red pot), and a tallish (2ft) fat hen (next to the red pot that is lying in the shelf.). In the background top you can see a rather successful tomato plant.

As for tomato plants, here is how they are going - pretty good!

The pot in the bottom left of the screen is a mixed pot of oddities. Most of it is fat hen. The plan is that it would be like the pot at the front right - a pot of fat hen that I slowly eat for greens. But a few other things have popped up - including the amaranth in the lowest part of the pot (note the different leaf shape from the fat hen) that I threw in seeds of and mulch of in mid dec. It has grown very quickly.

Here's a few of the things in there.
I do not know what this one is - I suppose we will see.

And this one is a sweet potato that I replanted to see whether it would grow and what its leaf looked like:

I will dig out the pictures of the others when they become clearer.

(I have lightly edited this post to correct the grammar since I wrote it this morning)

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