Saint Ambrose

Saint Ambrose
Photo: Journey Worker Productions, CC SA 3.0 (C)

Monday, 26 June 2017

Random pictures of the last year...

Saw this caterpillar cocoon in the garden so I took the leaf for a few days in a jar and it turned into a very ugly moth:

Parrots in the garden! (or lorrikeets, not sure)

Around May 2017 I took to walking to work (about half way) to try to fend off winter misery.

Here's a few shots of things encountered in my travels.

Some lovely cherry apples:

A haul after a walk in - a passionfruit, some cherry tomatoes, some acorns, a semi-dried-chilli off the plant...

This time, having a street forage, came across who? in the back lane - about 4 of them, one visible - zoom in and look!

These potatoes were the modest result of harvesting in late spring. With some cheese, delicious!

Fishing in autumn at the bay got this result:

Ham bacon and nettle soup from August 2016 -

Ham bacon and nettle soup - another attempt (this one better)

Here are a few depressing pictures  -

Artificial plant maintenance ....

and....Artificial human maintenance...

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