Saint Ambrose

Saint Ambrose
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Tuesday, 10 February 2015

manual scraping sanding for planter box

I've been scraping and sanding some old floorboards that I bought from a junkyard last year. They will form the base of a planter box I am building. Manual scraping is extremely satisfying, even if time consuming. It also permits discovering nails and embedded nail-residues in a way that isn't catastrophic.

I will post a pic of the box so far later. I have also just hand-pollinated more Lebanese zucchinis - pics to come!

(Update - because of severe time constraints, measured in hours and days not weeks during a period whih is quite busy with work and other things, I had to cheat and use an electric sander and an electric drill! But the piece is coming along well and I hope to have it in place in a few days. Working with electrical tools is boring, depressing and a mere conduit to efficiency; it is roughly the same quality of experience as queuing to use a machine-terminal at a supermarket checkout. But for reasons connected with the garden and getting the piece done, Ive gone for cardboard-boredom of electrical tools. The garden will be better for it. Actually, on this until the pressure of time collapsed my plans, I had been thinking about getting into using augers wih t-handles, and going retro in relation to using hand drills...still my plan. I have one hand auger, and using it is incredibly satisfying. Using braces to put in the screws is incredibly satisfying. But its days work-time I just done have, whereas this way I have been able to grab a hour or two in between times and get it done).

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