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Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Some pieces of the bigger earth-life-picture for you to puzzle out

Here's a few bits of the earth-life puzzle for you to ponder.

(The salad is beautiful but there is a just little problem here...) 

On the mid Victorian (lots of vegetables) English diet, and how it was better, and gave the populace a longer life expectancy: (one paragraph short abstract).

I recently said something about Syngenta, so now I owe a mention of Monsanto, the rival. Its also part of our socio-political commitment to helping people join the dots here at Comp. Saint Ambrose.

So here's an old piece of news:

Gates goes into monsanto and carhill corps.
Hybridises his vision with monsanto GM crops.

The Guardian article asks: "is Gates being hopelessly naïve by backing two of the world's most aggressive agri-giants?"

Well, here's another question - whats the only form of 'acceptable' starvation in the world - the only sort we would yawn at and say send some aid, not an army? Answer:  it is debt/bankruptcy-induced starvation.

Now imagine the West or China being able to say to a client state: "Sorry, economic downturn, you cant afford fresh seed, your GM seed is sterile, so no crop next year. We'll rescue your elites with imported or donated food, and they can become computer programmers, but otherwise, this is just natural population attrition. Your fault for having too many kids".

Wouldn't it be horrible if there was a 'Natural'/free market curb on population growth, and allows the population controllers (e.g. Bill Gates) to do cull-eugenics without public exposure?

There is a social-Darwinist sorta parallel/precedent for this -

I actually hope that Bill Gates is going into Monsanto naively...

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