Saint Ambrose

Saint Ambrose
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Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Chop and drop

A small note on chop and drop - my thought on this is to chop and drop infected/infested leaves to some other plant that wont be affected by it. This means kales and salad veggies (e.g. bok choi) suffering from grey aphids and caterpillars going to the chillis or beans or carrots or parsnips. It means cucumber, zucchini, watermelon etc leaves that have gone mouldy to the kales/salad patches.

If there is no where else, the healthy but isolated Elephant's Ear plant (not sure what species - its a stray I obtained at a previous block of flats), which sits ornamentally at the accessway to the flats, about 30 metres from the garden, and is usually the recipient of failed cooking and successful vaccuming's vac-cleaner bag - gets the chop and drop remains.


This vaccuum cleaner to inedible-plant-system works very well.

Ive been doing this system of putting greens on the veggies and not on the compost pile for months now, and I can attest that they provide both a good eventual mulch layer and also a good compost and rich soil after (and probably during) decomposition.

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