Saint Ambrose

Saint Ambrose
Photo: Journey Worker Productions, CC SA 3.0 (C)

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

the water run out...again...

(Garden in drought 2014. Note that the only plants that are growing happily are the chillis, some very droughtish-tolerant valerian, some carrot going to seed with white flowers - and some solanum nigrum in the foreground)

It happened again - the water tank has run out. In winter, when it was overflowing, I filled the barrel I have, and have been watering on that. We are into March, so hopefully, with some frugal watering and cool weather, we will get through.

This means - we got a further six week´s into the summer (indeed, into late Feb) before the water ran out. That is a bit of an achievement. But it means that I will have to look at seeing what other frugal practices I can put in place. Frugal watering will have to be a whole-year thing, and not just a summer thing.

I will publish this now and put some pictures in later.

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