Saint Ambrose

Saint Ambrose
Photo: Journey Worker Productions, CC SA 3.0 (C)

Saturday, 12 September 2015

And another winter thing...

Over winter I had occasion to make pea and ham soups, but on one day found that I had bought a hock too large to fit in the pot once I got it home. But then I realised I had a solution at hand - a cutting blade I had bought at the heritage tool sale. It is an old surgical blade that has become worn out and useless. It is probably 50-70 years old, but still in fine condition.

It really did cut through the bone in about 5 strokes, or 10 seconds. What a well-made tool, and a good second life for a retired medical instrument! (and yes, I sterilised it by steaming and by torching the blade when I bought it. There´s a small liability of surviving prions or something, but frankly thats enough risk mitigation for someone whose allocation of health-risk-mitigation in the rest of his life is a bit average - e.g. only exercises doing practical things like cycling to work and gardening, and who loves junk food. Proportion, people!). The knife was among a few $2 usefuls I also got at the sale.

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