Saint Ambrose

Saint Ambrose
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Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Soil Erosion link

In recent weeks, I've been burning the candle at both ends, compulsively (but not always productively) researching and doing various admin tasks and projects at work. My conscience actually let up today, when I was riding into work, and thought Id stop and pick up some veggies at the local enroute, and there was a full table of prima half price produce. (I cannot fathom the discounting policy at this particular organic place; it seems either slowly suicidal to the enterprise or people´s tastes in the area really are so perfectionist that that discounting is what they have to do or it does make sense at the margings - I do not want to believe either alternative but...).

Multiple broccolis, parsnips, a cauliflower, some youngish toscana kale leaves and a few other odds and sods - a basketfull for 18 dollars.

So I turned around, and spent a few hours cooking soups and things and reading the new Quarterly Essay on Bill Shorten. The essay was well enough written, and actually pretty ho hum, but enjoyable to read something weighter than a newspaper or a webpage that wasn´t work.

I came across this which is a March 2015 Monbiot column. 60 harvests left because of depletion of soil and soil erosion! Knuckle-biting!

This is what this post was meant to be about.

I will do something more on how the spring replanting of the garden is going very soon. I did some clearing and planting on the sunny weekend of 18/19 Sept 2015, but have now retreated inside, faced with 13 deg again.

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