Saint Ambrose

Saint Ambrose
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Saturday, 12 September 2015

Garden update - what happened in winter 2015

This is more of an update post. I went away from late May to late June, and returned to a garden that had some good breadbeans in it, lots of edible weeds and a bit  of nettles. But slowly I have been eating through a bit of it, but otherwise waiting for the turn of spring.

That seems to have happened. The rocket and the celeriac have bloomed, as have various daikons that have popped up.

So here´s a few snaps. It shows you a well planned garden can endure about 3 or four months of winter negligence and still be ok.

First of all, I spent the winter working and sitting in front of fires staying warm. Not much gardening:

While it rained and rained outside...

On the night I returned from my travels in late June, I came home to some very healthy Kale at 2am:

And a potato plant that had appeared and bloomed out of nowhere:

By a long shot the most successful plant was the celeriac, although the actual bulbs were quite poor, they were quite hardy and grew through winter:

Lots of weed soups, and one (only one, because there weren´t enough for more) nettle soups:

And then, about a week ago, the bees seemed to have come back - !!

There were enough flowers, with rocket, celeriac, and broad bean flowers for them to eat:

I have cleared out some patches ready to plant in late-ish September, but am really doing it in bit and pieces. The thing Im trying to figure out is what has happened to the broad beans, why havent they produced any pods yet? I have grown them mostly to try and fix the soil, and as a no-care winter thing that can grow without maintenance. Will post pics soon.

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