Saint Ambrose

Saint Ambrose
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Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Broad beans

I put in broad beans for the first time, after taking the advice that those are what people do over winter, they are nitrogen fixers etc. And I wanted something low maintenance that wouldn´t require picking or maintenance while I was away.

So I planted them in May and left them. And they did not seem to produce any seed pods, until the last few weeks. I had thought them a failure, as they are about half the size of other broad beans plants around here.

But they have been in a state of bloom for a few months, but seemed not to be doing anything.

And now they seem to be budding and fruiting.

So I thought I would take some pictures:

The point is that they start really small and grow from the ground up. It is not like sweet peas at all in that it isnt anywhere near as obvious. This is an example of one that is mabye 70% grown, but quite stumpy:

And the same pod, with other higher pods in the picture so the variable states of development are recognisable:

So with a bit of patience, they should be ready probably at the start of November, which is roughly what the guides say (harvest through November).

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